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Daniel Hollier – Paintings

Check Him Out Daniel Hollier shaped paintings made of various materials – cedar, poly, linen, gouache and spray enamel.         Read more

Robert Bechtle – Alameda Gran Torino 1974 oil on canvas

Robert Bechtle’s work had a huge influence on me as a child an into adulthood. I saw this painting of Alameda Gran Torino hanging in the Oakland museum when I was 8 years old – it was a the first “photo realistic” painting I had ever seen and it blew my mind. I remember the Read more

Spomenik – Kozara Monuments from Yugoslavia

During the 1960s and 70s, thousands of monuments commemorating the Second World War called ‘Spomeniks’ were built throughout the former Yugoslavia; striking monumental sculptures, with an angular geometry echoing the shapes of flowers, crystals, and macro-views of viruses or DNA. In the 1980s the Spomeniks still attracted millions of visitors from the Eastern bloc; today Read more


An Installation of Glass Blocks, simple and beautiful. Read more

Carl Ostendarp & John Wesley

  Carl Ostendarp  John Wesley Read more

Nice Mural in Downtown Phoenix

Arizona Artist Yai Cecream has some great murals around Phoenix. She is part of Palabra Art Collective. Anyone know if she has a website? Can’t seem to find many images online… Read more

Tools of the Trade and a Bench to Boot

    paint and big brushes from Dunn Edwards – outdoor flat.     Read more