Eye Food

stars under the lid

Stars Under The Lid by Carrie Marill & Michael Lundgren This piece was installed by Carrie Marill and Matthew Moore in the forest of Clearwater, Idaho during the summer of 2010. The picture was shot by Michael Lundgren with a 4×5 camera at dusk. The intention was to create a starry night sky under a Read more

creosote aka grease wood

creosote is one bad ass plant! A – it smells good. B – sustains life in crazy hot temps. C – has nice flowers and puff balls. D – a beautiful desert plant that grows with minimal water (attn phoenix lawn people – a desert landscape can give habitat to other creatures besides ourselves AND Read more

modern morandi

i am innately drawn to enameled objects – still trying to figure out exactly why but i think it’s the solidness of them i’m drawn too and the fact you can make any outdoor excursion feel fancy with out being fragile. a lil fancy in ones life is always nice. i’ve been composing still life’s Read more

enamel love

objects i use at home and in my studio. Read more

beauty in the daily

objects i use at home and in my studio. Read more