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New perspective on wild burro ecology

Wild burros digging wells in the Sonoran desert, being using used by several other species. My Friend Erick Lundgren is doing research on the value of the wild Burros. To find out more info and access his paper go here. In brief: Wild introduced burros dig wells of more than a meter deep to reach subterranean Read more

setting up the shot

I loved setting this up, working in the forest is my first choice any day. There’s a favorite path of mine deep in the Idaho woods where I try to make sense of the simultaneous existence of New York City and a forest canopy – when I am in New York, I imagine what the Read more

stars under the lid

Stars Under The Lid by Carrie Marill & Michael Lundgren This piece was installed by Carrie Marill and Matthew Moore in the forest of Clearwater, Idaho during the summer of 2010. The picture was shot by Michael Lundgren with a 4×5 camera at dusk. The intention was to create a starry night sky under a Read more

simultaneous existence

when the hustle of home and city get to be too much, I tap back into  places like this. Read more

a single footstep takes a long time to disappear

“a single footstep takes a long time to disappear” gouache on paper 2010 SOLD to see more gouache on paper drawings check out carriemarill.com Read more

creosote aka grease wood

creosote is one bad ass plant! A – it smells good. B – sustains life in crazy hot temps. C – has nice flowers and puff balls. D – a beautiful desert plant that grows with minimal water (attn phoenix lawn people – a desert landscape can give habitat to other creatures besides ourselves AND Read more

llareta plant

This llareta plant, parts of which are over 3000 years old, calls Chile’s Atacama desert home. Llaretas can be found throughout the Andes in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. A relative of parsley, its moss-like appearance belies thousands of flowering buds on long stems which are so densely packed together they can take the weight Read more