Eye Food

Radio Interview

Radio Interview with David Ramirez at PHX radio May Read more

Katharina Grosse

  katharina grosse is bad ass Read more

Nice Mural in Downtown Phoenix

Arizona Artist Yai Cecream has some great murals around Phoenix. She is part of Palabra Art Collective. Anyone know if she has a website? Can’t seem to find many images online… Read more

She’s Done!

“For The Love of Color” and Helping to add some beauty to the walls of Downtown Phoenix – 3rd street & Garfield on the back of Combine Studios (south side). Much Love and Appreciated Support from Matthew Moore, Jim Sulack, Sarah Spencer, Raquel Fagan, Mike Lundgren, Neda and Jarrod from Pirate Grip & Electric. Read more

it’s growing…

once it’s up i can start to see where i need to make color changes. Read more

how it gets up there… me & mel bergman

here are some process shots of the spiral mural going up. i love doing these because it involves working with my friends and family. numbering the sections helps me keep track of where to place the paint in the coming days. Read more

The Inspiration for my Latest Mural

I have been pondering for the past 4 years what to paint on the back of our studio building… Sometimes it takes a while before the idea makes itself known. This crotched trivet hangs on my sons wall and one day while changing his diaper I looked up and thought it would make a nice Read more