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Frank Stella

Frank Stella head shot

Frank Stella is one of the most well-regarded postwar American painters still working today. He is heralded for creating abstract paintings that bear no pictorial illusions or psychological or metaphysical references in twentieth-century painting. Frank Stella’s work is a teacher I routinely come back to his work for guidance and perspective. I am particularly drawn to his work with pattern, color and shaped canvases and the idea that the picture-as-object, rather than the picture as a representation of something, be it something in the physical world, or something in the artist’s emotional world.

Frank Stella Painting the black painting

Frank Stella Painting his Famous Black Paintings

Frank Stella Black and White paintings

The Black Paintings focused on basic elements of Painting – color, shape, and composition.

agbatana frank-stella-1968

Agbatana 1968

Frank Stella pastel

Frank Stella star-of-persia 1967

Star of Persia 1967

Hyena Stomp 1962 Frank Stella born 1936 Purchased 1965 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T00730

Hyena Stomp 1962 

Frank Stella Rabat silkscreen

Rabat Silkscreen

frank-stella shaped canvas

Frank Stella yellow and red

Frank Stella, chocorua large


Baft 1965



Movements Stellas work is tied too: MinimalismHard-edge PaintingPost-Painterly Abstraction