Eye Food

how it gets up there… me & mel bergman

here are some process shots of the spiral mural going up. i love doing these because it involves working with my friends and family. numbering the sections helps me keep track of where to place the paint in the coming days. Read more

The Inspiration for my Latest Mural

I have been pondering for the past 4 years what to paint on the back of our studio building… Sometimes it takes a while before the idea makes itself known. This crotched trivet hangs on my sons wall and one day while changing his diaper I looked up and thought it would make a nice Read more

setting up the shot

I loved setting this up, working in the forest is my first choice any day. There’s a favorite path of mine deep in the Idaho woods where I try to make sense of the simultaneous existence of New York City and a forest canopy – when I am in New York, I imagine what the Read more