Eye Food


Trapezoids are in my brain, I have been referring to them in my most recent series of paintings and drawings. I like the balanced imbalance of the trapezoids and how they are made of symmetrical triangles which can be dissected and rearranged into patterns of infinite possibilities. Turns out under the inclusive definition, all parallelograms Read more

Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis is so awesome Ronald Davis, a.k.a. Ron Davis (born 1937), is an American painter whose work is associated with Geometric abstraction, Abstract Illusionism, Lyrical Abstraction, Hard-edge painting, Shaped canvas painting, Color field painting, and 3D Computer Graphics. He is a veteran of nearly seventy solo exhibitions and hundreds of group exhibitions. His work has the lovely combination of being both smart Read more

New perspective on wild burro ecology

Wild burros digging wells in the Sonoran desert, being using used by several other species. My Friend Erick Lundgren is doing research on the value of the wild Burros. To find out more info and access his paper go here. In brief: Wild introduced burros dig wells of more than a meter deep to reach subterranean Read more

Daniel Hollier – Paintings

Check Him Out Daniel Hollier shaped paintings made of various materials – cedar, poly, linen, gouache and spray enamel.         Read more

Robert Bechtle – Alameda Gran Torino 1974 oil on canvas

Robert Bechtle’s work had a huge influence on me as a child an into adulthood. I saw this painting of Alameda Gran Torino hanging in the Oakland museum when I was 8 years old – it was a the first “photo realistic” painting I had ever seen and it blew my mind. I remember the Read more

Carl Ostendarp & John Wesley

  Carl Ostendarp  John Wesley Read more

setting up the shot

I loved setting this up, working in the forest is my first choice any day. There’s a favorite path of mine deep in the Idaho woods where I try to make sense of the simultaneous existence of New York City and a forest canopy – when I am in New York, I imagine what the Read more