Eye Food

Martin Creed

I feel excited about art when I look at Martin Creeds work. The simple, clever and playful nature of his work reminds me that – yes it’s ok to have fun with it, art can be a playground of the mind. – K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) Read more

Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto (born 1973, USA) is an artist based in New York. Drawing on his Japanese heritage, he creates light three-dimensional structures such as wall hangings comprising thousands of miniature ‘kites’: bamboo-stiffened rice paper hexagons suspended with nylon fishing line. Read more

Phyllida Barlow

Phyllida Barlow is a pioneering English artist. Her sculptural installations are characterised by their large scale, often made quickly in the same place that they are to be shown and with materials that are subsequently recycled for future use. Their rough appearance conveys the urgency with which they are produced. In addition to being a practising Read more

Nairy Baghramian

While looking at Phyllida Barlow’s work I came across the work and writings of Nairy Baghramian – check out a vimeo video of her reading a paper on Subjective Histories of Sculptures. Working in sculptural installations and photography, Nairy Baghramian engages interior design, literature, and art historical debates around minimalism in order to comment on Read more

Katharina Grosse

  katharina grosse is bad ass Read more

Daniel Hollier – Paintings

Check Him Out Daniel Hollier shaped paintings made of various materials – cedar, poly, linen, gouache and spray enamel.         Read more

Spomenik – Kozara Monuments from Yugoslavia

During the 1960s and 70s, thousands of monuments commemorating the Second World War called ‘Spomeniks’ were built throughout the former Yugoslavia; striking monumental sculptures, with an angular geometry echoing the shapes of flowers, crystals, and macro-views of viruses or DNA. In the 1980s the Spomeniks still attracted millions of visitors from the Eastern bloc; today Read more