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examples of trapezoid special cases

Trapezoids are in my brain, I have been referring to them in my most recent series of paintings and drawings. I like the balanced imbalance of the trapezoids and how they are made of symmetrical triangles which can be dissected and rearranged into patterns of infinite possibilities. Turns out under the inclusive definition, all parallelograms (including rhombusesrectangles and squares) are trapezoids. Rectangles have mirror symmetry on mid-edges; rhombuses have mirror symmetry on vertices, while squares have mirror symmetry on both mid-edges and vertices. Below are some cheeky source material for trapezoids found in our world. Follow me on Instagram or my website to see the finished works or works in progress that have utilized the ever changeable Trapezoid!

light-trapezoid trapezoid trapezoid bug face


Trapezoid Infield Covers med-baseball

trapezoid tabletrapezoid tray trapezoid-building-iscoscles

trapezoid butterfly

Trapezoid Faced Building

volcano trapezoid

trapezoidal form