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The Paint It Sun Hat


The Perfect Sun Hat, with a statement! I decided to cherry pick a few hats to give more personality, making each of these hand painted hats one of a kind - what ya see is what ya get.

Most feature a checkerboard or polka-dot pattern, an X on the top and a red accent on one strap. 

This deadstock linen hat has 20-inch straps to keep your lid secure while you go about your badass business and enough room inside to keep that bun on top of your head. The rim is a lil bigger in the front to protect your beautiful face, and the neutral color literally goes with everything. Perfect? I think so.

Hot for Hats:  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with hats. I was the weird kid in school who was always wearing a funky hat. Despite all my hat wearing, I developed a gnarly chunk of skin cancer on my scalp, which further inspired my hat collection. 

But I couldn’t find a hat that could do it all. So I made one!

I distilled all the things from my favorite hats and built a versatile hat that loves to travel (packs flat), loves a walk on a windy beach (ties under your chin), and that’s comfortable to wear in a car or even lying in a chair. Sourcing deadstock linen and making it in the USA kept it in line with my values. And the Perfect Sun Hat was born! 

Materials Matter: Made from 100% deadstock linen & acrylic paint.

Made in the USA for Badass People: Designed by Carrie Marill. Born in the hands of seamstresses in Arizona. 

Easy Care: Spot clean or hand wash and air dry.

Sizing: This sun hat has a 25” circumference and 20” straps. 

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