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Black & White Red Tassel Necklace


Black Onyx and Quartz beads with Lapis Lazuli detail with red cotton tassels and gold fill details.

Wear this necklace with everything, especially if you're headed out for a long day - Onyx is not only used for protection, but also as defense against negativity consciously directed towards you.  In India Gemologists recommend Onyx as a protective measure for harmonious relationships, thus keeping away any probability of disturbances or differences between the couple. It provides support in difficult times and centers your energy in times of mental or physical stress.

The lil Lapis Lazuli stone revels in your unique personal history. Past lives and Ancient civilizations. Even the spiritual and scientific Carl Sagan "star stuff" dawn of time energy is in there...

With all my work - if something happens and the piece breaks - no biggie, try and collect all the beads and send them back to me and I will restring at no charge - you just pay for the shipping.

Length: 42"