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Red and Rose Necklace


When I first started making jewelry I was inspired by my kids and their creativity - taking a nod from their noodle art jewelry I wanted to take that free formed sentiment and make similar work with lux materials. This heart opener is made with rose quartz, turquoise and red & yellow glass beads all strung on Yellow nylon cord and blessed with a lil Reiki love.

Rose Quartz is a fierce defender of the heart. Its pink energy soothes the hurt of loss. Aligning desire with pure intent, its energy can be a forcefield of good vibrations and a shield to keep the bad vibes out. If your heart is hungry, feed it with Rose Quartz!

 Aligned with Turquoise's brilliant energized copper and fortifying iron you have a mighty sweet shield at your neck.

46" long 

With all my work - if something happens and the piece breaks - no biggie, try and collect all the beads and send them back to me and I will restring at no charge - you just pay for the shipping.