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Lagomorph Prints by Carrie Marill

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  • Part of my String Theory series. Oftentimes, bunnies are depicted as cute and fluffy little creatures but there is something so special about jackrabbits. They're fast and insanely clever and there's just something about them I enjoy watching. Nothing against the cute fluffy bunnies, I like them too. Each print is hand-signed and dated by artist Carrie Marill.

    About the String Theory collection: This series investigates abstract ideas and concepts surrounding string theory and how closely interconnected our lives might be. String Theory: A description of physical reality in which the fundamental entities are not particles but tiny string-like loops. Different oscillations of the loops correspond to what we now consider different “elementary” particles. String theory is a leading candidate for a “theory of everything”.

  • This is an archival pigment print. Pieces framed under UV (glazed) glass should expect no considerable fading for 175 years. Dark storage should keep the pieces as long as good cotton paper can last. The surface of the print is delicate - please handle it carefully to protect it from abrasion!

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